Ford Capri 1700 GT 1972

Beautiful Ford Capri series 1 that has always been in 1 family. Grandpa bought the car new. In all the years it has been well cared for and obviously does have some minor cosmetic damage. 2 new front mudguards were fitted in the distant past. The upholstery is still very nice and the engine and gearbox work well. If you want an original and unrestored Capri this is your car.


Price Sold
Kilometers 49.000 km
Registration Dutch
Transmission 4 speed
Engine 4 cylinder V4 1700 ccL


Year 1972
Make Ford
Model Coupe
Seats 4
Doors 2
Transmission Type 4 speed
Fuel Type Petrol
Weight (kg) 945
Engine Type V4
Engine (l) 1700 cc
Engine Cylinders 4